Oz Sparkle Net

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Sold by the metre



Detail of Sparkle White Oz net

Nylon Net with holographic dots scattered over.

Some dots will come off initially.

Do not steam

50″ in width approximately

Spacing is about 15 mm apart with the dots varying in size.

There might be some small areas where there are no dots.

They measure approximately 2 mm going up to 4 mm.

Sparkle Oz Nylon net in White

Roughly the same weight and stiffness as the Oz nylon net.-Slightly softer.

Looks good as a Plate or gathered into the layers of your Tutu.

Samples are available.

Sold by the metre

Please test a sample for your own use to see if it is suitable.

As with all Nets keep away from flames.

It is not recommended to wash the net

Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg

White Sparkle Oz Tutu Net 50"