Dagged, Cut and Dyed Tutu Net Service

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The new production of this Net softens with dyeing dark colours. Until further notice I am not dyeing darker colours.

Please contact me first regarding any queries.


I always advise to try and find the colour net or mix colours to obtain what shade you need before resorting to dyeing the net.

Dyeing net for a Tutu can vary to such an extent with size, pleating or gathering, layers needed etc.

A basic cost of £45.00 is charged based on a small childrens Tutu of 8 layers.

Adult large tutus can be almost double but totally dependant on factors—please email me to discuss with any queries before deciding if this option is suitable for you.

The Net and materials cost is an additional charge to the dyeing  and is shown under Nets and Linings.  (You need on average about 11 – 16 metres Net for an Adult Classical Tutu )

If the top layer is to be pleated then that could add on another 3 metres depending on method and requirements.

Cotton Bobbinette for the tutu panty requires about 1.25 m for a double layer.

Cotton Lawn for the tutu panty requires about 60 cm for a double layer. (Depends on fabric width, style of panty, size of panty)

Powernet requires about 60 cm for a double layer.(Depends on fabric width, style of panty, size of panty)

You can use slightly more net when dyeing than normal and this will be added to your bill. ( It could be around 5% depending)

Although the nets are cut to size I cannot be responsible for the slight shrinkage of some net due to heat of dyeing, therefore the cut sizes might be a few mm different after dyeing.

This is usually with darker colours.

Please Contact me for discussion of your project first.

If you are after a specific colour then a swatch must be mailed to me first-exact matches are not always possible.

There are three stages after agreeing on Size, Colour, Net quality and panty fabric.

  • The net will be cut the approximate size before dyeing.
  • If you request the edges dagged as well, this will be done after the dyeing.
  • Each layer will then have to be cut to the specific layers width.
  • You will either receive approximate size layers dyed net or a complete cut and dyed tutu skirt ready for gathering, ( Depending on order)

Costing of Services offered–

Dyeing of Tutu net costs will vary according to your project–Minimum Dyed price £45.00 – £85.00 -(If more fabric than average is needed then an additional cost will be discussed,  and charged)

To scallop or cut the edges in a ‘v’ shape–Price £30.00

To Cut a 10 layer Classical Tutu skirt and 2 panty ruffles (if needed) to actual size  –Price £15.00

Please see specifics in the Services offered for dyeing.

Shipping will have to be adjusted depending on final order.

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Dyeing Net, Cutting Std Classical Tutu Net to size, Scalloping, Cutting to size and scalloping, Dyeing Tutu Panty